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 A community becomes healthier one step at a time

When Nancy Sporborg, our top collaborator, suggested that Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene lead our region to become the healthiest community in the nation, she envisioned each of us being our healthiest selves and the whole equaling the sum of its parts.

Working with the medical center’s Worksite Wellness Program Director Jen Begley, an initiative called “HEALTHIESTEPS” was introduced. The essence of the program is: step by step, we can become healthier. What’s your next Healthiestep? The centerpiece of the program is a newsletter with stories of employees who are taking steps to live healthy lives, inspiring and encouraging others. Outstanding photography by Mark Corliss illustrates Sporborg’s moving feature stories about individuals who have overcome adversity and are winning at the wellness challenge. A joy to design, we have all benefited from the motivational messages and the influence of Jen Begley, a certified wellness coach.



Advertising is an inside job?

The Sterling principle of Inside Out Advertising assigns employees the role of company ambassadors. A slogan is brought to life by employees answering the phone, selling or shipping the product, delivering the service.

Informed employees are more productive and effective than any other kind. “Who should know and when?” is the question. Ways to provide excellent employee communications include e-methods, newsletters, open houses and other celebrations, name tags, training programs, cue cards, uniforms or whatever will help employees have a solid feeling of confidence in their company and its products/services.

We don’t believe in trying to make employees happy, we do believe in helping employees self-actualize through the joy of work.

Team building takes dedication and focus. When developing external marketing programs, be sure to set aside a budget for internal communications. Maximizing strengths, minimizing weaknesses and advancing the entire team is the goal.