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CakeBitesEllaRosePortUseI was at a football game with my niece when she introduced me to her friend who made cake balls. There’s a name that needs improvement I said to myself. The sketch the baker did for the proposed label was rudimentary, which would be fine, except the product was out of this world! I was handed a tray of about a dozen of these bite size balls of my favorite cakes (which became the tagline) and I went to work sampling, sketching and developing a logo look that matched the quality and freshness of the product. The end result was very similar to the intent of the baker’s sketch but more accurately reflected the integrity of the product.

The moral of this story is that I would do anything for my niece, even if it costs me 10,000 calories.


Ella Rose cheesecakes is a similar story. A friend was retiring from the traditional business world and had a bee in her bonnet about making cheesecakes. I encouraged her to think small—personalized cheesecakes. This creamy, delicious-looking logo appropriately represented the scrumptious treats she made… and left lots of room for adding ribbon and frosting roses.

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