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Breaking Through Blank Page Terror

There’s nothing scarier than a blank page. Where to start? What to include? What to leave out? What approach? What objectives?

When asked to capture the beauty of this real estate restoration, the blank page didn’t last long. A 20-minute tour of the impressive property, high-resolution digital camera in hand, identification of its strengths (unique selling proposition in marketing terms) under the guidance of an astute client, and a couple hours later we had the foundation of a stunning brochure. From start to finish, the job could have taken a day or two but we consulted the project architectural firm for their input, and included their floor plan schematics which we were able to edit. Then a professional photographer reshot the cover and two or three interiors. The result was a communications tool which conveyed the splendor of the property plus a catalog of photos and text ready to build a custom website. High-end color copying on cover stock gave the finished piece the look and feel it deserved. On time, on budget, on target.