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many other stylish and contemporary premium spectacles to suit any face shape or style preference.

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Black Friday Super Sale At Head Over Heelz

Craving the amazing fit of designer denim but not ready to face the high price? Best known for
ray ban outlet its iconic styles in designer shades, Ray Ban
cheap ray bans also offers prescription eyeglasses in the same highly distinctive and timeless RX frame styles, such as the consistently popular wayfarers, aviators, and Clubmaster frames the brand originally created—plus, of course, many other stylish and contemporary premium spectacles to suit any face shape or style preference.

More often than not, you will be able to locate low cost deals on discount sunglasses such as Ray Ban, especially if you look after the summer season is over and when most brands of designer sunglasses like Oakley and Chanel are on sale.

Surely, every satisfied customer will always come and buy for more especially with the new designs coming out and other benefits come with buying a pair of these glasses.Discounts are available also to those who would want to buy in bulk, there are even items on sale to give customers more value out of their money.

I don’t buy them for the fashion statement, though – I tend to break or lose them regularly, so I buy a bunch of them when I see a sale or I’m in a place that has those terrific bargains. I first found an old used pair of Wayfarers at a garage sale for 25 cents back in the late 70′s. In a bold move Canada banned the use of baby walkers on April 7th, 2004; this expanded the voluntary ban Canada implemented in 1989. This means that someone who has one sitting around in the attic can’t pull it down and sell it at a garage sale. But the Thai authorities are seeking to ban tourists from getting Buddha tattoos as they feel that it is culturally insensitive to go home with dodgy tattoos of their sacred religious character.

Ray Ban Aviators have remained in style for decades but this company also moved with the times in terms of its other models. The Ray Ban Aviator collection is highly in demand that were designed taking into consideration the needs of the military people. While style comes and goes away Ray Ban truly never stays away from the fashion scenario for very long. Let’s face it wearing Ray Ban shades is more about looking good rather than how well they protect for most people. Many dealers have noticed the sales are starting to pick up again for the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

Ray Ban Aviators were worn by historic figures such as General Douglas MacArthur

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Discount Ray Bans On Pinterest

One of the bigger mistakes we see new entrepreneurs and startup businesses make is to try to hit a home run right out of the box. In such conditions, wearing Ray Ban polarized sunglasses may benefit you greatly, depending on what you are looking at while in the waters. Audrey Hepburn is seen wearing Ray Ban 2140 wayfarer in
discount ray ban sunglasses a movie while Dan Aykroyd in Blue Brothers wears Ray Ban Wayfarer II. Both Jude Law and Drew Barrymore are seen wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer I. Moreover, wholesale wayfarer sunglasses are inspired by the Ray Ban collection so you can look forward to owning a pair of sunglasses that looks just like the original design.

As well as dead buying your Ray ban spectacles you may be collateralled regarding the superiority of stylish spectacles, at most of the justifiable prices. This also pertains to when the road is wet, since the sea can have the same power as the sun and the anti-glare power of Ray Ban polarized sunglasses will be able to help immensely. Although the glare from the snow is not polarized, Ray Ban sunglasses can still help in other aspects, if one decides to go on a trip in the snow. So if you feel sick and tired with substandard quality eyewear, consider investing in a set of two Ray Ban frames.

Throughout the 20th century, Ray Ban Aviators were worn by historic figures such as General Douglas MacArthur, popular musicians such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Freddie Mercury, and film celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Sylvester Stallone.

In the event that
Cheap Ray Bans one or more of the terms set out in these Terms of Sale or in the Additional Policies is held to be invalid by a competent authority, the remaining terms of the Terms of Sale and the Additional Policies shall continue to have effect and You will still be bound by them.

Another place to look for Burberry scarves on sale is Amazon offers a very nice selection of just about anything you could possibly want, you name it and more than likely Amazon will have it or at least show you an ad that will take you to the place you need to be to get it. What I like about Buying things on Amazon including Burberry scarves is, you find authentic products at really good prices, Amazon has a reputation for delivering quality products and I’m sure it would like to maintain that reputation for many years to come.

Today’s Celebration of Creativity

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January 8, 2014 Here’s a perfect celebration of creativity for a January day…


DEC 12, 2013 People are so-o-o-o-o creative! Here’s proof: 

Special FREE Offer

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Logo Review

Have you ever wondered what your logo and other corporate identity materials are saying about you?

Is your color scheme attractive?

Are you appealing to your target market/s?

Submit up to 3 samples of your communications materials and receive an expert review. We’ll use our 12-point logo critique to help you see ways your logo is effective or could be more effective.

Email your files or send your website link to with the subject: Logo Analysis.

We’ll send you a report card. If you like what you hear or or would like to learn more, we’ll gladly set up an appointment to discuss the results of our analysis.

For the cynical among us, our record for reviewing the design work of other studios is unusually favorable. Oftentimes an excellent logo is already in use or can be modified slightly to work more effectively. No obligation whatsoever.


Sterling Principles

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Sterling Design & Communications has redefined the advertising and communications field. We develop communications plans which start with, and rely heavily upon, the internal audience of our clients and reach out from there to customers and other publics. Because of this unique approach and our experience, we are not subject to traditional competition.


The quality of everything we generate must be measured against one criterion:

Does it communicate?

Does it solve the customer’s communication challenge? Does it represent the client appropriately? If so, our personal pride in craftsmanship, our individual aesthetic sensibilities, and our chance to win awards are insignificant considerations.


Doing what is best for the ultimate customer (often the public) in every case will guide our decision making. We will not participate in any program which does not serve the greater good. Every assertion we make will be true, not deceptive in any way. We are obligated to be true to ourselves.

Honesty is the only policy. Client confidentiality is sacred. Mutual respect and trust are prerequisites to fruitful work relationships.


If you take care of the customer, the finances will take care of themselves. —F.A. Putnam, Markem Corp. Founder

Price, Quality, Speed: Choose two . . . we’ll still strive to give you all three.

Our objective is to serve clients who recognize the value of our work and remunerate us according to the benefit they derive. We never intend to compete on the basis of price. We strive to offer excellent value, superb craftsmanship and work that is 100% defensible by design and communication standards.

We promise $1 solutions to $1 problems.

What does it take to hire us? A good cause. (Kathleen Turner once said this in a detective movie.)


Our clients hire us for what we know and for how fast we can learn. We are challenged to learn all about our clients in order to help them communicate effectively. We also owe our clients the finest service available which requires keeping technologically current.

We subscribe to a philosophy of lifelong learning.

Success is not a destination; it is a journey.


Sterling Design & Communications is most effective when working with clients over time, rather than on a onetime project basis. The degree of understanding developed initially can serve clients well for years.

It is our intention to become “adopted” into our clients’ families—the bond is much deeper than a routine consulting relationship. However, because Ruth Sterling considers herself a teacher and coach, it is also our intention to share what we know with our clients, in effect working ourselves out of jobs. Seeing clients not need us any more because they have become professional communicators themselves is the ultimate job satisfaction goal. Our work then is to provide graphic and creative support and find new customers with whom to share our communications talents.


Our goal is to live full lives by putting our talents to use for the greater good and putting our families’ quality of life first in every decision we make.

Respectfully balancing devotion to clients, our life’s work and our jobs as parents and family members is an ongoing challenge.