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Special FREE Offer

posted on: November 29, 2013
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Logo Review

Have you ever wondered what your logo and other corporate identity materials are saying about you?

Is your color scheme attractive?

Are you appealing to your target market/s?

Submit up to 3 samples of your communications materials and receive an expert review. We’ll use our 12-point logo critique to help you see ways your logo is effective or could be more effective.

Email your files or send your website link to with the subject: Logo Analysis.

We’ll send you a report card. If you like what you hear or or would like to learn more, we’ll gladly set up an appointment to discuss the results of our analysis.

For the cynical among us, our record for reviewing the design work of other studios is unusually favorable. Oftentimes an excellent logo is already in use or can be modified slightly to work more effectively. No obligation whatsoever.


Sterling Principles

posted on: January 30, 2013
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The quality of everything we generate must be measured against one criterion:

Does it communicate?

Does it solve the customer’s communication challenge? Does it represent the client appropriately? If so, our personal pride in craftsmanship, our individual aesthetic sensibilities, and our chance to win awards are insignificant considerations.


Doing what is best for the ultimate customer (often the public) in every case will guide our decision making. Every assertion we make will be true, not deceptive in any way.

Honesty is the only policy. Client confidentiality is paramount. Mutual respect and trust are prerequisites to fruitful work relationships.


If you take care of the customer, the finances will take care of themselves. —F.A. Putnam, Markem Corp. Founder

Price, Quality, Speed: Choose two . . . we’ll still strive to give you all three.

Our objective is to serve clients who recognize the value of our work and remunerate us according to the benefit they derive. We never intend to compete on the basis of price. We strive to offer excellent value, superb craftsmanship and work that is 100% defensible by design and communication standards.

We promise $1 solutions to $1 problems.

What does it take to hire us? A good cause.


Our clients hire us for what we know and for how fast we can learn. We are challenged to learn all about our clients in order to help them communicate effectively. We also owe our clients the finest service available which requires keeping technologically current.

We subscribe to a philosophy of lifelong learning.

Success is not a destination; it is a journey.